Nearly all of American's Goods both domestic and imported arrive to us by truck including virtually all we eat, drink, wear and use.
According to the Federal Government Occupational Handbook there is currently a demand for over 300,000 truck drivers nationwide.
With many experienced drivers retiring the outlook for new drivers is expanding every year.
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School is approved by the Illinois State Approving Agency for enrollment of qualified veterans and/or eligible persons to receive G.I. Bill educational benefits.
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Properly trained truck drivers are in demand with companies offering competitive wages as well as good benefits.
The truck driver occupation is among the largest number of job openings each year.
Newly trained drivers usually earn $36,000 to $40,000 per year, and can earn up to $45,000 after the first year.
The trucking industry objective is to deliver its cargo in a timely manner without loss or damage and in a safe way protecting life, equipment and property.
We at Blue Horizon Truck Driving School have dedicated ourselves to the task of preparing students with the skills needed to be successful and advanced in this vibrant business activity.
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